Enter a bar, dive bar, saloon or other hometown watering-hole establishment while passing thru the Peace Garden State, and MORE THAN LIKELY; there are one or MORE gallon jars on the bar top with a pickled delicacy. AND we're NOT talking just the pickled kind used for garnish either!

Pickles, olives, bars, saloons, dive bars, bar food, north dakota, tigger and bec, the bend, ranch it up


Have you ever noticed thou what kind of delectable items there are?? Have you ever thought, does ANYONE ever eat anything out of those jars? It may for some come as no surprise that we love our food pickled and it definitely carries over to pairing with our favorite brewskies to whiskeys, but of course.

Pickled Bar Food!

What Fits In A Jar In These Parts...

Now looking at some of these yummy staples, we can't imagine life without a pickled something or other to go with our beverage of choice. In a state where according to a recent survey by ZippiaThe state of North Dakota was RANKED #3 for its LOVE Of Pickles!

Pickles, olives, bars, saloons, dive bars, bar food, north dakota, tigger and bec, the bend, ranch it up

Now believe us, we know there are lots of other goodies that should be on this quick list, right? How about the pickled sausage, the pickled herring, and the pickled beets?

attachment-ND Pickled

We're not near done with our LOVE of all things pickled here in the Dakotas. Just had to narrow down the scope of what's on a "Bar Top" at a local pub or gin joint once you head west of the Red River. Fear not dear friends, those items absolutely be shared, discussed and written about in the very, very, near future!

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