Thanksgiving - the holiday for family and food. It's a busy time, as we travel to see loved ones in the small towns and big cities that we're from. Going home feels nostalgic and cozy. I can't wait to go home and feel like I did when I was young, surrounded by everyone I love. I'm thankful for having that this year.

That being said, there always seems to be that one family member who takes the phrase "make yourself at home" a little too literally. I'm sure at some point, we've all been "that" person. Yes, it is easy to get too comfortable with your own family. But a little etiquette goes a long way for your holiday host.

Below, I've compiled a list of the most annoying things a person can do when staying at a relative's house. Here are the top results:

  • Arriving unannounced or without an invitation
  • Snooping
  • Breaking/ damaging things
  • Leaving a mess in bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Being loud
  • Smoking
  • Staying up late with the TV volume up loud
  • Coming back drunk
  • Being too demanding

In a few hours, I'll be heading towards Minot to spend the weekend with my family. I might need to take this list home and put it on the fridge so everyone knows not to get out-of-hand. Do you have an obliviously inconsiderate person coming to your holiday?


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