Get healthy, fresh food and support your local growers at the same time by visiting one of the many fresh produce markets open this summer.

  • Farm Fresh Gardens

    Farm Fresh Gardens out of Bismarck specializes in pumpkins, beets, carrots, squash, beans and more! Find them at the Capitol Farmers Market.

    Hero Barth
    July - Oct.
    (701) 255-3387

  • Diane's Home Creations

    Owned by Diane Schmidt of Mandan, Diane's Home Creations offers a wide variety of produce to choose from. From cucumbers, dill and carrots to delicious jams, salsa and syrup - Diane has it all! Even get a fresh or frozen juneberry pie!

    You can place an order, get delivery or visit her at the Mandan Famers Market!

    Diane Schmidt
    July - Oct.
    (701) 663-8622

    Ekaterina Fribus/ThinkStock
  • Munsch's Munchies

    Bonnie Munsch owns this pesticide free market. Munsch's Munchies carries your favorite vegetables along with fruits like strawberries, raspberries and chokecherries. Don't forget to stock up on garlic, cilantro and chives!

    Call in or stop by the Capitol Farmers Market!

    Bonnie Munsch
    June - Oct.
    (701) 202-1181

    Tatjana Baibakova/ThinkStock
  • South 40 Gardens

    Give Jill Roen a call or find her at the Mandan Farmers Market for cucumbers, rhubarb, onions, peas and so much more. She even offers home delivery!

    All produce is grown in Shields, ND pesticide free.

    Jill Roen
    June - Sept.
    (701) 597-3013

    Joern Pollex/Getty Images
  • Pulkrabek Farms

    Not only will you find Pulkrabek Farms at the Mandan Farmers Market, Lisa Pulkrabek is often at Urban Harvest!

    She offers green peppers, lettuce, eggplant and many other vegetables. If you wait until later in the season, you can even get peanuts!

    Lisa Pulkrabek
    June - Oct.
    (701) 663-4294

    Scott Olson/Getty Images