Twitter is atwitter with speculation over a photo that purportedly shows that Beyonce is releasing another album in a couple of weeks. The picture in question shows a potential tracklist of Queen Bey's project on Columbia Records letterhead.

According to VIBE, the collection, rumored to be titled 'Beyonce Vol. 2,' will include all of the original songs from her previously released self-titled album and 11 new tracks, including the 'Flawless' remix featuring Nicki Minaj. Another highlight from this purported album is a collaborative song with Rihanna called 'Cherry.' All 11 songs will have accompanying music videos as well.

The document lists Nov. 14 as the digital, iTunes-only release date. Another date, Nov. 25, is noted as the release for a four-disc version of the album. That edition will include 3 bonus DVDs of 28 music videos, the Mrs. Carter World Tour video and Jay Z and Beyonce’s Live from Paris concert from their On The Run tour.

However, some skeptics are saying the photo is fake because of the release date typo, which lists Nov. 25 as a Monday when, in actuality, it's on a Tuesday.

Reps for Beyonce and Columbia Records have not confirmed the legitimacy of the tracklist. If it is legit, this will undoubtedly be the biggest album release of 2014.

We suggest that folks get prepared for another Beyonce domination later this month or possibly before year's end.