With a new H&M campaign hawking beykinis, a lucrative Pepsi sponsorship and several other business ventures in her portfolio, Beyonce may have tipped the financial scales in an astronomical way, making her and Jay-Z the first billionaire couple.

Bey said that the H&M shoot, featuring the diva in a variety of swimsuits, was beautiful and on a tropical island, while the powers-that-be at the discount retailer said Bey brought a dose of glam and drama to her campaign. It's no doubt a partnership that further pads her already loaded bank account.

She can lounge on a tropical island all she wants, since it is expected that she will pull in just under $2 million per show on her nearly 60-city tour. You know, the one that kicked off earlier this week and saw the singer working megatron fake nipples. Who cares how much those cost when you are a billionairess or a beyillionaire! We can do this all day.

Daily Star report revealed that bean counters estimate that if you pool King Bey's and the Hov's combined earnings, they top out at a billi, yo!

Baby Blue must be celebrating in her diapers.

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