Time Magazine has carefully selected 100 of the most influential people in the world for their upcoming iconic issue, but it is Mrs. Carter -- Beyonce herself -- who has graced the cover, looking just as gorgeous as ever in a white two-piece with a sheer overlay in the black-and-white shot.

For the issue, which also features pop music icons like Miley Cyrus and Pharrell -- as well as everyone from 'Scandal' actress Kerry Washington to President Barack Obama and Pope Francis -- the tributes for each honoree are written by someone as equally as influential.

Beyonce's tribute was written by Facebook COO and Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg.

"In the past year," Sandberg writes, "Beyonce has sold out the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour while being a full-time mother. Her secret: hard work, honesty and authenticity."

"And her answer to the question, 'What would you do if you weren’t afraid?' appears to be 'Watch me. I’m about to do it.'" Sandberg continues. "Then [Beyonce] adds, “'You can, too.'”

Pharrell Williams was also honored on the list, in a piece written by Justin Timberlake.

"He made me fearless, and I’ve carried that with me the rest of my life," Timberlake says of recording his first solo album with the famed music producer.

"He injects that vibrant energy into the music in a way that you can feel. Whether it’s the chord changes that remind you of another time or the melody that instantly grabs you, you are transported to another place," Timberlake gushes. "You smile, you dance, you clap along. His music actually does make you happy."

And as for Miley Cyrus, she was honored by her good friend and country music superstar Dolly Parton.

"She was very proud of the work she did as Hannah Montana, but people were gonna leave her there forever," Dolly Parton writes about the 'Wrecking Ball' singer. "And she was just smotherin’ and chokin’ in it. So she felt she had to do something completely drastic. And she did."

"So I’m hoping that now she can relax and show people how talented she really is. ’Cause the girl can write. The girl can sing. The girl is smart," Parton adds. "And she doesn’t have to be so drastic. But I will respect her choices. I did it my way, so why can’t she do it her way?"

And clearly, Miley's way has served her well.