Bow down. Beyonce shows us why she runs the stage in a new teaser for her forthcoming HBO series 'X10.'

Beginning next week, the 10-part series follows the diva during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. From the trailer, the special will be a high-impact, front-row seat to the worldwide concert spectacular. There will be 10 songs featured in the special along with never-before-seen concert videos.

As previously reported, the clips will include live performances of ‘Blow/Cherry,’ ‘Drunk in Love,’ ‘Ghost/Haunted,’ ‘Flawless/Yonce,’ ‘Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Heaven,’ ‘Partition,’ ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ and ‘XO.’ Performances will be coupled with travel footage of the concert stops across the globe.

This is Beyonce's second HBO special. The usually private singer shared an intimate glimpse into her life in 'Life Is But a Dream' last year.

The clips will run for 10 Sundays starting June 29 at 8:55PM ET on HBO.