Runners all over the country, including right here in Bismarck-Mandan, are showing their support for the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions. A movement known as "Run for Boston 4/17" spread on Facebook and resulted in runners across the world hitting the pavement on Wednesday in honor of those involved in the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

On Wednesday, April 17th, runners, non-runners, and people who believe in hope and peace will run together as a sign of solidarity for the people and runners of Boston.

'Run For Boston 4/17' Facebook

We have a group of dedicated runners within our very own community who braved the 30 degree weather to show their support for Boston. I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Bis-Man Runners before they hit the trail and discovered a group of friends with a shared love of running and the same welcoming spirit that's so well-known within the running community.

The group has been running together for two years and runs together every Monday. Wednesday was supposed to be their off day, but each runner felt as if this was a worthy cause to come out for, especially since one of their own was running in the Boston Marathon. "It really touched home, as one of our fellow runners from Bis-Man Runners had been running in Boston," says Tina Fricke, the Bis-Man Runner who coordinated the run. "Luckily, he finished the marathon before the bombs went off."

The group is made up of runners with varied experience and background. Some have been running for three years, while others have been running for over 30. Some work outside the home while others stay at home to care for their families. But above their differences, all are united by their love of the sport that was so brutally attacked on Monday. Fricke explains how deeply it resonates among the running community:

To many people, being able to run a marathon is a symbol of overcoming great physical and mental adversity and shows the triumph of the human spirit. To have someone try to attack that is hard to understand. However, we believe evil will never overcome good, because the best in humanity will always be able to overcome the worst.

Clearly, Monday's attacks stirred up strong emotions in all of us. Among the all the negativity and fear that's been so prevalent in the wake of the attacks, it's refreshing to witness first-hand the amazing resolve among this close fraternity. "We wanted to show, in a small way, that we support everyone in Boston and wanted to be part of the global effort to show them that they are not alone," explains Fricke.

So thank you to Tina Fricke, Melissa & Jeff Rotenberger, Elicia Jacobson, Alexis Morlok, JD Nash, and Kristin & Chris Wetsch for showing me that the human spirit will always overcome evil.

We as North Dakotans stand with you, and with Boston.