I heard this question directed toward a Bismarck alcoholic just yesterday

We all come across conversations by mistake sometimes, I heard this one loud and clear, and it intrigued me. Seems like everywhere we go these days here in Bismarck, and I'm sure all over North Dakota is "WOW, look how much money the North Dakota Lottery jackpot is!" - Everyone has their answers to "What would you do if you WON A BILLION dollars?" - this person had a unique twist to the common question. At first, I was a little miffed at WHY this was asked, but when I realized there was no harm behind it, I dropped my guard. This person obviously knew that the other was a recovering alcoholic, and wanted to know point blank "What would you rather, WIN the North Dakota Lottery and drink, OR Win nothing and stay sober?" To most people, this question wouldn't mean a damn thing, but to an alcoholic, it's a true test of faith and will, in him or herself. How long would you guess this person took to answer?

I needed but a second or two to remember all the dark days of pain and pure hell I put myself and others through

Once again the question didn't bother me a bit, I answered that I would stay sober and lottery winless without an ounce of regret. The money is a tremendous gift for any lucky person, but for me, you can't put a price tag on sobriety, not even close. I write this not to boast or pump myself up, you see my hope is that if there are people out there that are questioning their lifestyle, wondering if drinking or abuse of any other substance is ruining their life - you CAN change, you CAN surrender, and finally you CAN learn to love yourself and life again.

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