It kind of blows my mind when I think of people who have amazing talents - just watching a talented musician performing so effortlessly or someone who takes a blank canvas and creates a masterpiece. That's what makes life so interesting, those that are gifted and are able to express themselves in their own way. There is a Bismarck man that has displayed his artistic skills in hopes of saving lives.

According to KFYRTV Bill Brien is surrounded by art at home. There is no rhyme or reason to what is there, the beauty of it all is how it has shaped him. In 2015 after his wife Geri’s second cancer diagnosis, Bill would often sit in clinic waiting rooms for hours while she underwent treatment. Playing around on Google, he found a free app that would set his wonderful mind free to experiment - Just simple doodling and drawing really became a passion. When Geri passed away back in May of 2018, her death inspired him - to keep pursuing his love for art, and found a way to be of much-needed help to others. Today he is a busy man with upcoming projects to attack and complete - not for the sake of personal financial gain - when his artwork is sold, a portion of it is donated to the Bismarck Cancer Center, where his wife was treated at. "I eagerly love bringing a check over to (the cancer center), two or three times a year and sharing that love that still connects me with all those people that work over there,” 

 Brien created Bountiful Rei’s, an art company named his wife’s middle name, working to spread hope. What better way to ALWAYS remember his wife through his incredible pieces.


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