On Tuesday, The Bismarck City Commission approved seeking offers for a brand new electronic marquee to replace 2 electronic signs that were taken down on Fifth Street during the construction of the current expansion. They also accepted the concept of renaming the facility.

While the decision to rename the facility isn't final, it is being considered to rename the Civic Center as the Bismarck Event Center.

Civic Center Manager Charlie Jeske has been given a green light to draft a new marketing plan for the expanded facility and present it to the Commission for final approval. City Finance Director Sheila Hillman will be consulted about how to finance the new marquee.

City Commissioner Parrell Grossmann told the Bismarck Tribune that the Bismarck Event Center might not be the final name. The commission is considering naming rights options for the facility to help pay for the new marquee.

Jeske, as well as City Commissioners, believe that the name of the facility gives a limited impression to event organizers of what the building is capable of hosting. They are looking for a name that conveys that the facility can host multiple types of events, including large conventions and concerts.