In a recent study, the worst cities for driving in each state were named. There's not a person I've met in North Dakota who wouldn't instantly agree with this article title.

Let's be honest, no one has ever said, "My city has the best drivers! It's so great just being in traffic with everyone." Every city in every state that I've lived in has always thought their drivers are the worst. It turns out that if you live in Bismarck, you are not completely wrong...or at least in North Dakota.

However, it's not just the 'drivers' that were factored in, but also the city itself, which includes commute time throughout the city, as well as gas prices.

According to 24/7 Wall St., who also published the list of the worst cities to drive in every state, these are the statistics for Bismarck.

> Traffic fatalities: 12.9 per 100,000
> North Dakota traffic fatalities: 14.9 per 100,000
> Avg. commute: 19.3 minutes
> North Dakota avg. commute: 17.4 minutes
> Avg. gas price: $2.26

If you're wondering how those statistics match up with other metro areas, several on the list are far worse. Having a lesser population than almost all other states means less traffic to deal with during your commute and Bismarck, as well as the rest of North Dakota has a fairly low commute time when compared to several metropolitan cities throughout the country.

From a personal standpoint, I can honestly tell you that at an absolute minimum, I've lived in at least three other cities/states in my life where I've considered their drivers and driving in those cities/states were far worse than anything I've experienced in Bismarck, North Dakota. And they came in with worse numbers in this study as well.

So yes, there are worse drivers than in Bismarck, North Dakota...far worse.

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