UPDATE, 12/6 11:50am: KXMB is reporting the grapes were purchased at the Walmart in North Bismarck.

Next time you purchase a bag of grapes here in Bismarck-Mandan, you'd better check them extra carefully. Bismarck's Environmental Health Division received a complaint that a black widow spider was found in a bag of grapes purchased from a local store. The spider was taken to the Burleigh County Extension office where it was later identified as a black widow.

Black widow spiders are considered the most venomous in North America, so this incident should certainly not be taken lightly. There have been multiple reports of black widows being found in grapes from grocery stores in several states. However, there is no known cause of the influx of recent discoveries, although spiders are sometimes used as an alternative to pesticides.

Residents should be cautious when handling grapes or any produce and should carefully inspect and wash it prior to consumption.

In the event a person suffers a bite from a black widow spider, they should immediately seek professional medical attention.