I have said many times that I was not much of a cat person. I had a cat when I was little, but spent most of my time around dogs. On the other hand, my fiance grew up with a cat, and wasn't a big dog person growing up. Well, we already had a pup, and we found a perfect cat for our family, and I am now officially a "crazy cat lady." Seriously, I want to adopt ALL OF THE CATS.

I honestly was a little reluctant to adopt a cat. I mean, Penelope (my Yorkshire Terrier) was used to being my lone child, and I didn't want a cranky cat that would terrorize my dog. But my fiance knew that we would one day find a cat to fit purrr-fectly in our family. We frequented the animal shelter in Grand Forks and never really found the right cat for us.

Until one day, we were visiting the shelter and this sweet white and grey kitten wanted us to play with him so badly. His name was Owen, and he was so sweet and playful. After playing with Owen for a bit, we decided it was still not the time to get a cat. But I couldn't stop thinking about this little guy. Two weeks later, there was an overabundance of kittens at the shelter, and poor Owen was still there. Yep, he was waiting to come home with us.

Come to find out Owen (renamed Raspy) had been thrown from a car on a busy road in Grand Forks. A kind person called in what happened, and a police officer took the kitten (and his sister who suffered the same abuse) to the shelter. She was taken almost instantly, but he was there for weeks.


 Now that I am a crazy cat lady, I can't get enough of all cats. I can't wait to adopt more.

Friday (July 10) was National Kittens Day. So, I took to Facebook to ask you to show me your kitties. Well, you did not disappoint. There were actually too many adorable cats to choose from to feature on this story. So, you can check out the comments section that was flooded with all of the cutest cats in town here.

Check out the list of some of the cutest cats in Bismarck-Mandan below:

The Cutest Kittens in Bismarck-Mandan

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