This past Monday was the 25th anniversary of the classic 90's comedy Billy Madison. Did I really just call movie from the 1995 "classic"? Yikes. Well, I just had to make a Facebook post about the best quotes from the movie, and you delivered. I was cracking up at the comments and GIFs the entire day.

Here's the original question:

The movie 'Billy Madison' turned 25 yesterday. What is your favorite line from the movie (or any Adam Sandler movie)???

The comment section started off strong with a quote from I still hear people say in 2020 - "Stop looking at me, swan!"

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Then, someone posted a GIF of when Billy went to school and made fun of one his third grade classmates. I've been guilty of saying this to slowpokes - "T-T-T-TODAY, JUNIOR!"

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This next one is pure gold - Audrey and this guy went as Billy Madison and the penguin he imagines. SIde note: I hope this costume won every contest that year.

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Always remember that O'Doyle Rules.

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Part of my question mentioned all Adam Sandler quotes, and someone posted this gem from Big Daddy:

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Then, we got back to quotes from Billy MadisonCheck out other people's favorite quotes below:

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says 'HOT97 Hot 975 KKCT These comments and gifs are killing me! Do you think could ever get another Sandman classic before he retires from acting??? ay GIPHY 16h Like Reply Stephanie Marie Thorson "Don't tell me my business devil woman." "He called Gpoop.' "You get your ass out there and you find that f dog." 14h Haha Reply Message Bob Watson You know what, O'Doyle? have feeling your whole family's going down 13h Haha Reply Message'

Do you have any other favorite quotes?

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