Several school principals from locations throughout the U.S. pitched in to help a Philadelphia school for the disadvantaged build a new playground.

Two of those principals, Shawn Oban and John Alstad, are out of Bismarck. Oban is the principal of Roosevelt and Highland Acres Elementary schools. Alstad is the principal of Miller Elementary.

There were more than one hundred principals attending a conference in Philadelphia that would focus on the discussion of how to service their students better. But the principals didn't just discuss, they physically went to work on a new playground structure.

With strong numbers at this year's conference, the team of principals was able to put the playground together in about four hours.

Oban mentioned that by the end, kids were already running to play on the new equipment. In an interview with KFYR, he also touched on what was discussed amongst the principals at the conference. "I think my biggest take away is that some of the struggles here in Bismarck are some of the same struggles that they are facing around the country," said Oban.

Each year, a new school is chosen to receive the new playground equipment, which is approved by ADA standards.

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