Bismarck's Target Hosting Event For Local Parents

In a phone conversation with one of the Bismarck store supervisors, I was told that the local store will, in fact, be participating in a Car Seat Trade-In event. 

I was told this is something the store does both every Spring, and every Fall.

Old, worn, or even damaged car seats can be dropped off at the store, so parents can upgrade or purchase other needed items.

According to the company’s website, anyone who brings in an old or used car seat will be given a 20 percent digital coupon to purchase a new one at a discounted price. The coupon can also be used for strollers, or other baby-related items. 


The event will start later this month, on April 18th, and continue through the end of the month, April 30th. 

A Helping Hand For Parents 

While this might not seem like much to some, it can make a big difference for those with a tight budget. You might be using a hand-me-down car seat, or one that no longer fits your child... For parents and those expecting, a little can certainly go a long way.  

What Happens To The Old Car Seats? 

Glad you asked! The donated car seats will get recycled shortly after drop-off.

Did You Know? 

This is news to me, but car seats actually can expire. According to, a car seat typically only lasts about six years – and that varies from brand to brand. That is also only if it hasn’t been involved in any motor-vehicle accident.  



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