The solar eclipse has been great for one '80s star.

Bonnie Tyler, who sang her signature tune "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during Monday's (August 21) solar eclipse while aboard a cruise ship, is already reaping the rewards of the celestial event.

The 1983 song has climbed all the way to number one on iTunes, reports TMZ.

Tyler isn't just dominating on iTunes, either. The tune is also doing gangbusters on Amazon, where it's reportedly up 267 percent, while Tyler's her greatest hits album is in the Top Five on the Movers and Shakers list (yes, Bonnie Tyler has a greatest hits album).

Let's just hope she isn't blinded by success the way you could've been blinded by looking up at the sky.

Tyler's resurgence may be something of a short-lived novelty, but we have a feeling it'll come back 'round again, since the next solar eclipse is expected to take place in 2024.


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