According to a press release from the Bismarck Police Department, Bismarck Police are currently on an active investigation in the 2500 Block of East Broadway Avenue in relation to a stolen vehicle investigation that turned into a shots fired call.

Around 9:00 am this morning, officers of the Bismarck Police Department were investigating an incident related to a stolen motor vehicle in the 2500 block of East Broadway. The investigation led them to a trailer house in the area, where an individual fled out of a back door. A pursuit occurred on foot between the officer and the suspect. During the pursuit, the suspect shot at the officer, and the officer returned fire.

It is currently believed that the suspect is barricaded in a trailer in the area. The West Dakota SWAT team is en route to the scene. Bismarck Police is asking the public in the area to shelter in place, and for the public out of the area to avoid the area of 2500 Broadway. Broadway Avenue, Thayer Avenue, and Rosser Avenue are shut down between 26th St to 23rd Street.

This is an active situation.  We will update this story here when we get more information from the Bismarck Police Department.



Suspect Dead in East Bismarck Shots Fired Incident

 According to a press release from the Bismarck Police Department, the West Dakota SWAT has located the individual who is alleged to have shot at police officers in the area of the 2500 E Broadway Ave.  There was an exchange of gunfire between the individual and Bismarck Police Officers.

 A perimeter was set up around the trailer court in the 2500 block of East Broadway Avenue.  Operators of the West Dakota SWAT team located an individual in a shed deceased from an apparent gunshot wound.  It is unclear if it occurred from self-infliction or in the exchange of gunfire that occurred in the area.

Officers were investigating a stolen motor vehicle around 9:00 am in a trailer located in this area.  An individual fled out of the backdoor of a trailer and officers engaged in a foot pursuit.  During the foot pursuit, the individual allegedly shot at an officer and an exchange of gunfire occurred.  It was believed that the individual barricaded himself in a shed, which is where officers located him.

 Officers were not injured in the exchange.  Streets remain closed off in the area while the investigation continues.  The case has been turned over to the North Dakota of Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the current shelter in place is lifted.  Bismarck Police is grateful for the cooperation in using alternate routes during the active incident and current investigation.


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