A never-before-released Britney Spears track has made its way online which has fans speculating about which album the song was intended for. 

Even though the YouTube video lists the song as being titled 'Welcome to Me,' various sources on the Net -- including DigitalSpy -- say that the song title is actually 'Love.' A snippet of the song was once leaked but this video contains the full song, although still in a somewhat raw, unfinished form.

The snippet was once leaked with Britney's 2007 'Blackout' album cover which caused many to believe that the song was intended for that album. Others speculate, however, that the song was meant for her planned 2005 'Original Doll' album, which famously was never finished or released.

In any case, this track will have to tide us over for now until we wait for actual new Britney music. Click on the video below to listen to the track and let us know what you think.

Listen to Britney Spears' Unreleased 'Love' Track