Larry Rudolph sure has his hands full. He serves as both manager to Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, so the man knows how to handle divas who've dealt with image issues and other assorted nonsense.

Cyrus, however, has said that she and Brit Brit have bonded over the fact that they have both been placed under the microscope of fame, with the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs spotlighting every move and/or flaw. Brit gets it. Miley gets it. They get each other. It's a lovefest.

"Everyone goes through a time in their life where they don't want their picture taken everyday," Cyrus said, referring to Brit while calling the wah-mbulance regarding fame. "She just never had that time where she could say, 'I'm going through something right now and need to shut down.' I also don't have that, so it's good to have that one person in my life who gets it."

Aw! Since these ladies are so on the same page, how about a duet, then? Rudolph can arrange it, right? They could twerk their faces off in the video.

One big difference, though? Spears shaved her head during a meltdown. Cyrus chopped off her locks to obtain some punk rock cred.

Cyrus also claims she can stay ahead of the fame game by not falling prey to its trappings, which Brit couldn't pull off. Cyrus doesn't Google herself nor does she engage the gossip or pay attention to what the media is saying about her.

"People that probably fall off are the people obsessed with Googling themselves and knowing what people are saying," Cyrus said. "If I knew what people are saying about me, I'd probably hate myself. I don't look at that kind of stuff." So no Google Alerts for her.

That's a pretty smart policy, though. It prevents her from getting wrapped up in needless drama.

Even so, we don't feel sorry for her. The media scrutiny is a byproduct of being rich and famous. It can't be that tough when you've got money to burn.