Bruno Mars has a big year ahead of him thanks to the epic 'Unorthodox Jukebox' -- and he's stoked to get on the road and see fans, even though it's a little overwhelming ... and at times heartbreaking. Let him explain!

"I look at the schedule and it's kind of creepy that my life is planned out on a calendar for 2014," Mars chuckled in an Australian radio interview (via The Belfast Telegraph). "That's kind of weird, but I'm also excited!"

One thing he's not looking forward to so much? Concert goers focusing on recording the show and taking pics instead of enjoying the moment. "You go to concerts and see everybody holding cameras up and you can't dance and get a good shot, so they substitute the having fun!" he said, somewhat incredulously. "I remember going to concerts [in the past] and you got escorted out if you have a camera!"

One particular fan with a camera shattered poor Mars' lil' heart.

"I had this girl the other day and she was with her mother and she said, 'Oh it's Bruno Mars, can I take a picture?' and I said, 'Yeah sure,'" he revealed. "The mom pulls out her phone and the girl said, 'No, my phone!' Her mom didn't have her daughter’s phone with her so she said, 'Oh, then I can't upload it,' so she said, 'Oh never mind then,' and walked away. It broke my heart!"

You hear that girls? Either take the pic or stop teasing. We don't want poor Bruno to cry!

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