If you're in the middle of a drug deal, it's probably best not to leave your money, and your vehicle, unattended.

According to The Bismarck Tribune, a 39-year old woman was attempting to purchase prescription pills for a friend early Wednesday morning, April 22nd.

The woman was given $800 and made her way to north Bismarck to meet up with another friend, who was actually going to make the purchase.

After sitting idle in her vehicle, waiting on the dealer, the woman decided to get out and look for him/her behind a building, leaving her friend and the $800 in her 1999 Chevy Blazer.

When she returned...BIG SURPRISE...the friend had taken off in the Chevy Blazer, $800 richer. If you count the value of the Blazer, the friend actually made off with about $1,100.

The woman called the Bismarck Police Department and reported the vehicle stolen. She has not been charged with a crime.

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