Pretty as a princess. Carly Rae Jepsen has stepped into her glass slippers and fluffy, satiny ball gown and shared the first photos as she preps for her Broadway debut as the titular character in 'Cinderella.'

Um, we wonder what Sarah Hyland thinks of these snaps of CRJ's costume fitting, since the 'Modern Family' star had a backpedalling Twitter meltdown of sorts when she found out CRJ had been cast as Cinderella.

Make that Cindy Rae Jepsen!

The dress is full and beautiful but despite the volume, it doesn't swallow the 'Call Me Maybe' singer's petite frame.

She captioned the first photo, which is taken from behind and in a mirror, as such: "And this is the moment I tried on the glass slipper for the first time. @Cinderellabway it fits! Xo #CinderellaBway."

She shared another shot while being primed and primped in the poufy gown, which she captioned in the cutest way ever: "First day on set and they let me try on the BIG wedding dress! They had to bribe me with smarties to take it off.@CinderellaBway let's play dress up again tmr please!#CinderellaBway." Adorbs!

PopCrushers, will CRJ make a believable Cinderella?