The always gorgeous Carrie Underwood nabbed the November 2013 cover of Women's Health, donning a pair of sparkly gold short shorts. Girls got legs and she knows how to use 'em. She also revealed her miracle product and her dietary preferences.

Like many celebs, the country singer is "mostly vegan" but not 100 percent. We get it -- an animal-free diet is a hard commitment to make. But Underwood tries really hard. More on that in a sec, though!

Underwood revealed that her go-to, miracle product is coconut oil, for her vittles, her skin and her strands. It's a "do all" product!

"I put it on my food, I put it on my face, I put it on my hair," she said. "If it’s winter, the second I get out of the shower, I spread it all over and it feels really good and it smells good too."

We love a multi-tasker -- like Underwood, who is set to star in a live rendition of 'The Sound of Music' on NBC in December, and like coconut oil!

She also spoke about her dietary restrictions, labeling herself a "practical vegan." What's that?

We'll let Carrie tell you!

"I am a vegan but I consider myself to be a practical vegan," she explained. "If I order something on a menu and it has a sprinkling of cheese on top, I’m not going to send it back. I’ve been vegetarian – no fish no chicken no meat vegetarian – for about a decade now."

It's a cheesy world we live in, so she gives in. We can't fault her for that. But she does abstain from meat.

"The vegan thing is something I try to do my best on because it’s a cheesy world out there," she said. "We recently went to Italy and they put cheese in, on and around everything. So I kind of had to be vegetarian when I was on vacation , and now that I’ve been back home I’ve been getting back into my vegan lifestyle. But I’m vegan at home. It’s when I go other places that it can be a challenge especially when you don’t exactly know what you’re ordering. It doesn’t say that there’s cheese on the menu. But like I said I’m practical vegan."

At least she is honest! Purists will likely shoot her down as a lapsed vegan.

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