It looks like Chris Brown and Drake have ended their beef and could possibly be working on some new material together.

An Instagram photo posted on the account of Kosine -- part of Da Internz production team -- shows Drizzy and Breezy side by side listening to music.

"Ay @ericbellinger should we give these niggaz more glow or nah? #harvestseason #KINGSONLY | @internz you were right broseph," Kosine writes.

Chris looks like he's just about to sing while Drake is calmly but intently listening. Hopefully we'll hear a new track from these two in the near future.

After their bloody club brawl in 2012 (allegedly over Rihanna), it looked like these two would never speak to each other let alone work together.

Let's hope that this new collaboration will bring on a new musical friendship.