Chris Brown lasted only two weeks in rehab. But he didn't leave voluntarily. He was asked to go.

At first, Breezy's decision to seek treatment for anger issues was seen as a PR stunt to help improve his image in the eyes of a judge that has a power to toss him in jail, due to a probation violation.

Upon his exit, which made him seem noncommittal about addressing his issues, his rep stated that Brown was instead choosing a course of outpatient treatment to learn to deal with his anger issues.

As it turns out, Breezy was actually booted from the facility.

Why was he removed? His probation officer claimed that during a family session, he smashed his mother's car window with a rock, according to CNN. Why the heck did he do that? Because Joyce Hawkins said she wanted her son to remain in treatment, like any good mama would.

Brown broke program rules with violent behavior and was thus discharged. Now, he has been ordered to go back for 90 days.

Brown went to rehab after he got in a mess of trouble for an assault charge in Washington, D.C., that threatened his probation from the Rihanna beating case. As per his probation terms, if he runs afoul of the law -- as he did in the nation's capital --  he can end up in the clink. A Secret Service agent might help Breezy's cause there, but his choice to go to rehab would show a judge that he was working to get his you-know-what together.

The new probation report revealed key intel about Breezy's rehab ouster:

There is much concern with the probationer's new arrest and his violent outburst that resulted in his discharge from a treatment facility.

A letter from the facility included in the report stated that the singer's prognosis is "guarded" and that he needs professional help.

Breezy attended an L.A. County hearing today (Nov. 20). His lawyer met with the judge and prosecutor while the R&B star was attended to by on-off girlfriend Karrueche Tran aka Not Rihanna.

It was determined that Brown must return to a facility for three months of treatment, and the terms are pretty harsh.

The 'Fine China' singer will leave the rehab location three times a week to work eight-hour shifts doing community service, as he owes 1,000 hours as part of his punishment from the Rihanna beating. He must work on community service three days per week through next August in order to hit the deadline.

Breezy still faces jail time. The DA reserved the right to ask for a probation revocation related to the D.C. arrest -- which could lead to jail time -- and the judge requested a thorough report from the probation officer related to that incident. It is due at Breezy's next court date on Dec. 16.

He will head to D.C. on Monday, Nov. 25, for a hearing in the assault case, although his lawyer is working on delaying it.

This legal drama could impact forward progress in Breezy's career… but hey, everyone loves a comeback, right? Let's hope he gets and accepts the help he needs.