Rumors have been swirling about a Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion,druing this entire team Chris Brown has been in a relationship with model Karreuche Tran.

Chris Brown posted a video to his Twitter exploring the question of "Can you love 2 people at the same time?".

Watch Chris Brown tipsy explain his feelings and struggles.

Chris Brown "Can you love two people?"

In Chris's video he states “I’m stressed out… when you share history with somebody, then you tend to fall in love with somebody else, it’s kinda difficult. Is there such thing as loving two people? I don’t know if that’s possible, but for me, I feel like that.”

Karreuche Tran tweeted - “Wtf is going on? All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t! Life moves on.. So let’s all.”

This week Chris declared “I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

So what do you say? Can you be in love with two people at one time? If you were Chris,Rihanna or Karreuche what would you do?