It's shaping up to be Christina Aguilera's week.

Season 3 of 'The Voice' kicked off with a three-night premiere, and during today's (Sept. 12) Twitter chat with fans, Xtina shared that her upcoming album will be titled 'Lotus' and that it will be out in November. As if those critical details weren't enough, the lead single 'Your Body' will land on Friday, Sept. 14.

Aguilera explained that she chose 'Lotus' as the title since it represents "an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives." Sounds like our gal Xtina.

That tweet looks to have been removed from her feed, but you can see an image of it here, since nothing really disappears on the interwebs!

Oh, Xtina, you slayed us. It's all about you, you, you this week. Take that, Brit Brit and 'X Factor.' Xtina stole the spotlight!

It's like the reverse of the 2003 VMAs. Everyone talked about Brit's smooch with Madonna. While Christina's kiss was just as steamy, it is rarely mentioned and is looked upon as an afterthought. Well, now, she's making sure she owns the spotlight and doesn't share any of it with her nemesis Brit!

Below is the tweet where the singer shared that the single is landing at the end of the week. Yep, she roped us in. We want to hear it. If we were 'The Voice' contestants and all the coaches turned their chairs around and wanted us for their teams, we'd pick her.

And while the single may be called 'Your Body,' it's her body that is magnetizing. Check out how curvy and downright stunning she looks wrapped in that pink sheath.


Update: Aguilera has confirmed that 'Lotus' is slated for release on Nov. 13. 'Your Body' will also be made available to iTunes, Amazon and other music providers on Sept. 17.

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