This nominee is a single mother to 5 handsome boys, ages 7-years to 1-year-old. Two of her boys are 4-year-old twins, one of which had stage 4 liver cancer. He was diagnosed the beginning of August and since has been in the hospital either in MN at the Children's hospital or here in town at Sanford.

She is an old co-worker of mine who over time has become a friend. She is a very quiet, calm, sweet person that would do anything for anyone. She has been by her son's side from day one, leaving her 4 other sons. Since the diagnosis, she has been fighting an uphill battle, always running into new problems, concerns and battles. Surgery after surgery, letdown after letdown, infection after infection, setback after setback, chemo after chemo, throughout it all, she has remained positive and hopeful.

I don't know that I could handle all she is and I truly admire her for her courage!! I know she wouldn't want the attention, however not only her but her boys as well deserve an extra-special Christmas after watching their son/brother fight for his life.