Coldplay have been busy gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album, 'Ghost Stories,' recently surprising the world with a new song and video, 'Midnight.' And now the British band have even more exciting news: they just dropped another new tune, 'Magic,' and have announced the tracklist and release date for 'Ghost Stories.'

'Magic,' has a different feel that the typical 'Coldplay' song. For one, it is more upbeat (which is helped by the constant drum beat in the background), and is not as piano-based as their typical fare. However, it still features Chris Martin's distinctive voice on lead, so there's no mistaking that it's Coldplay. Listen to the track above!

'Ghost Stories' is set to come out on May 18, but fans can pre-order it on iTunes. In addition to 'Midnight' and 'Magic,' the record will feature seven new songs, with intriguing titles such as a 'A Sky Full of Stars' and 'O.'

View the complete 'Ghost Stories' track list below:

1. Always In My Head
2. Magic
3. Ink
4. True Love
5. Midnight
6. Another's Arms
7. Oceans
8. A Sky Full Of Stars
9. O