Get ready North Dakota.  The first ever gambling vessel is coming to Lake Sakakawea.  Introducing, "The River Willow" 4 Bears Casino’s new flagship gaming riverboat.  That's right, now you can do some gambling while you are motorboatin'.

This amazing vessel will be almost 80 feet and long and 3 stories.  This customized lake assault boat is set for its maiden voyage in August of 2021.  It's headquarters will be 4 Bears Casino on Lake Sakakawea, New Town, North Dakota.

This oasis of gambling on the water will feature 50 slot machines, live blackjack tables, full bar, catering available for group events, daily excursions open to the public and booking available for private groups as well.

A little background on lake assault boats.  They are a leading manufacturer of custom-built crafts.  They make all different types, including The River Willow, which will be an impressive 79 feet long.

The River Willow will be docked on Lake Sakakawea, where it will operate as a gaming and dinner cruise destination for guests.  Sounds like fun to me.  A cruise on Lake Sakakawea with 3 different decks for me to lose my money.  Ha, I have to win one of these years don't I?

I asked if I could see some pictures of The River Willow boat, but a representative for Four Bears Casino said, "It's top secret" in an email.  They did send me however a rendering and here it is.

Four Bear Casinos
Four Bear Casinos

Again, The River Willow is set to begin operations in August of 2021.  To book a cruise, simply call 4 Bears Casino at 1-800-294-5454.



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