One of the most iconic men's shoes out there, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, is getting a facelift after 98 years of being the same.

If you remember (most people don't...) Nike bought out Converse back in 2003 to save the iconic brand from bankruptcy. For the most part, Nike has left the Converse line relatively untouched... until now. After 12 years at the helm, Nike has decided that the flagship shoe of the Converse name is in need of an update.

Hey... Nike... I got 2 words for you when it comes to changing something so classic. New Coke. Remember what happened there?

Fortunately for Nike, and those that love the classic look of the original Chuck Taylor's, 99% of people won't be able to tell the difference between the original All-Stars and the Chuck II's from the outside. Most of the changes come underneath the iconic canvas outside.

Nike is using its "Lunarlon" cushioning lining in the sole of the new Chuck II. While I wouldn't suggest lacing up a pair to play hoops, this will make them more comfy to wear all day long. There will also be a perforated suede liner to the new All-Star which will allow for better breathability and less stinky feet.

The one change that everyone will notice is the price. The upgraded shoe will cost you about $15 more per pair, bringing the Hi Top version to $75 for a new set of Chucks. You can pre-order a pair right now on, or you can find them in stores starting July 28th.