Preliminary autopsy reports released by the Jefferson Parrish Coroner's Office indicate that beloved morning show host Kidd Kraddick died of "cardiac disease".

53-year-old Kraddick died on Saturday (July 27) at a Kidd's Kids charity golf event. He took some practice swings prior to the event, but was reportedly not feeling well. He was then rushed to the hospital, where he lost consciousness and was pronounced dead at the facility.

Further results indicate that Kraddick also had an enlarged heart with three diseased vessels. One of his arteries reportedly had an 80 percent blockage.

Pathologists are still awaiting results from the toxicology test, which are expected within seven days, but all signs point to Kraddick's death being cardiac-related.

(Investigator Tommy) Evans said the autopsy, performed Monday morning, did not turn up any other abnormalities. “Heart disease was evident,” he said.

The cast of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning will continue with memorial throughout the week. You can listen live all week long on HOT 975.