Every now and then, while driving around North Dakota, a person might go a little too fast. We often catch ourselves and slow down, and while that's the ideal outcome, on occasion, we get caught by someone else.

Police Officers

Throughout North Dakota, there are some weather cams, but there aren't any automatic ticketing systems or traffic cameras.

There are several other states that have this technology; they use it to issue citations to drivers who run red lights and/or speed.


Here's a list of states that currently have these systems in place.

New Jersey









New York



Washington D.C. -- D.C. actually is home to the most traffic cams in the country, as I'm sure you could have guessed.

Keep in mind, that while these states allow this, not every city/town within them have the technologies present.

Many states have actually ruled the practice as "Unconstitutional."

North Dakota

According to Speed Ticket Advisor, North Dakota does not have any red light cameras that detect cars running red lights, nor does it have any speed cameras.

GetJerry.com says North Dakota requires a police officer to be present in order to issue a ticket.

I know that whether or not Bismarck-Mandan should have these cameras and ticketing systems has come up in city council meetings over the years, but for the most part, the cost, implementation and general dislike to the idea has kept this from ever happening.

So, as of right now, it doesn't look like North Dakota has any plans to put these in place, but that doesn't mean it couldn't ever happen


How would you feel about North Dakota getting red light and speed cameras? Do you feel it would be helpful? Do you think it is wrong? Send us a message with your thoughts.


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