That lightning rod and controversy magnet known as Courtney Love is taking some indirect credit for Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP.' Does that mean she is to blame for Gaga's somewhat critically and commercially disappointing album?

Love, the widow of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and frontwoman of Hole, believes that Gaga came up with the idea for 'ARTPOP' after meeting Love's pals. Wait, what?!

In a chat with Britain's Gay Times (via MSN), Love spoke about her connection to Mother monster and said, "Well, I'm friendly with her. She started hanging out with a lot of my art friends and I think it influenced her and that's great but it doesn't necessarily translate for the masses ... She tried to take it on and sort of acclimate it into pop."

Translation? Love is sorta saying that she indirectly influenced the album and that it didn't quite catch on as Gaga had hoped. She has a point, about some of the things Gaga did sailing right over the heads of monsters and the mainstream.

In other Gaga news, rumors that she is interested in a Las Vegas residency a la Britney Spears have been popping up let and right, even though Ma Monster is about to embark on her artRAVE tour. She is said to be in discussions with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to camp out for a residency.

A source (in an item reposted by Showbiz Spy) said Gaga is looking to perform in one place since constant travel while on tour is grueling. There was also the suggestion that doing a one-city, one-venue residency would allow more time with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Gaga is a bit young in her career to do a residency and she loves to see her little monsters all over the globe, and has constantly affirmed that it is they who are her priority, so we think she'd probably want to wait before embarking on a residency. She has plenty of time for that. That's just our take on her doing a residency -- later!