It seems it's safe to say that, until recently, authories at the prominent credit reporting agency Equifax did not believe in God. At least... not this particular one.

Russian-born New York City resident God Gazarov was "shocked" recently when the credit giant refused to acknowledge his name was legitimate. As a result, he did not exist in their database, and so, essentially had no credit.

One's credit score is crucial in obtaining credit cards or loans for big-ticket purchases such as homes and vehicles.

Gazarov took legal action against Equifax, filing suit in Brooklyn's federal court. The suit was settled last week, with Equifax entering Gazarov into their database and assigning him a healthy credit score of 820.

The Brooklyn jewelry store owner is named after his grandfather; in his native Russia, God is not an unusual name.

Gazarov is relieved that the matter has been settled, and, now that he has the credit with which to do so, he plans to purchase a BMW.

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