File this guy under stupid criminals. Billings police arrested Jonathan Michael Martinez, 28, at his mother's Hardin, Montana home after he used a television crime scene photo -- of the aftermath of a heinous crime he is suspected of committing -- as his Facebook cover photo.  

During their investigation in to a man's October 2 murder, Billings authorities received witness reports that Martinez was the man they sought.

When they found his phone, on which he was logged in to Facebook, with the photo not only posted, but prominently displayed on the account, they made their arrest.

Also in the hands of prosecutors is surveillance video and the murder weapon, both of which support the allegations against Martinez.

Martinez, already a prison alum, has made an appearance in Big Horn County's Justice Court, but has not so far entered a plea or been appointed an attorney. He will be returned to Billings to await trial, with a bond set at a quarter million dollars.