Justin Bieber recently took to his twitter to ask one of his biggest critics, Seth Rogen,  to accept an invitation to roast him during his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. Seth hasn't responded yet to the request, and I'm here to humbly plea for him to turn down the offer!

Seth, as a comic and artist, you know the origins of the roast. As members of the Friars club used to say, and has been continued by insult comics the world over, we only roast the one's we love. Its a time honored tradition of showing the highest level of respect for those worthy of it, and allowing them to show their worthiness by allowing it to happen to them and laughing along. Justin doesn't qualify under any of those, and that's why you should turn down his offer.

I get where Justin is coming from by asking you to appear, but he doesn't get it. To be able to properly roast someone, you must respect them. I don't think you do. So you'll be up there, doing your thing, roasting the dais, then it'll come around to Justin. Good humored jokes will turn into flat out insults and that's not funny. Worst part of it will be the fallout from it, which you'll get the blunt of because you should have tried to be funny. While there will be a lot of people, including me, that will be there backing you up, the PR fallout won't be good. It's a lose-lose situation for you.

But there's a bigger reason for you to turn down the invitation... Justin Bieber isn't worthy of a roast.

Roasting  is something that should be reserved for those members of the community that are so well respected they deserve to be honored. Comedy Central doesn't seem to get that. They will roast anyone if they can make enough money on it and get enough ratings out of it to jack up their ad rate. That pretty much explains the last 3 people they've roasted. A Justin Bieber roast will probably make them a lot of money... but it's just not right in my book. Justin isn't a respected member of the community. How can you respect someone who goes out of his way to be a punk and takes his roll as a role-model so lightly that he continues to get into trouble with DUI's, felony charges, and a general "F U" attitude to anyone other than his fans.

Please show some respect to the art and tradition of the roast by turning down Justin Biebers' offer to appear. I am sure your fans, and the public-at-large, will show you abundant gratitude for your decision!