Before you roll your eyes and go, "Not another civilian asking a celeb to be their date to a formal dance," allow us to preface by saying this is funny, since the person, named Matthew, inviting Miley Cyrus to prom plays by her rules. He gets as naked as she did on her 'Wrecking Ball.'

In 2009, Matthew met Miley Cyrus at a radio station interview. They hugged. They shared a moment. He started crying.

She also recognized him in the crowd at one of her shows. He started crying.

So it's only right that they take the commitment up a notch. Thankfully, he didn't cry while sans clothes.

He donned a suit, grabbed a rose, stood in a circle of rose petals in a heart shape.

Then he got naked and asked her to prom. He covered up his junk, with a foam finger (!!!), and offered her a bouquet of roses. That makes him sort of a gentleman, right? It was creepy in the cutest possible way.