Valley City representative risks losing position because he stuck up for women who were being harassed.

According to Inforum, Valley City representative Dwight Kiefert (R) is looking to have his position recalled by his own party. Inforum reports that Secretary of State Al Jaeger approved a petition to recall Kiefert. He is looking to be recalled because he was one of the many Republicans who voted to remove Dickinson representative, Luke Simons, earlier this year.

There are 14 pages of documents that count Luke Simons' disturbing behavior towards colleagues over the span of several years.

Do you remember who Luke Simons is? Luke Simons was voted out of the North Dakota legislature after years of damning evidence of being a creep in the workplace was brought forward. All of this came to light after Luke Simons flipped out in the Capitol cafeteria about being asked to wear his mask.

Luke Simons lost his position because of outrageously inappropriate and lewd conduct in the workplace. Dwight Kiefert could lose his position because he disapproves of sexual harassment.

According to Bismarck TribuneDwight Kiefert and several others were censured by their party because of how they voted back in May. People in favor of Luke Simons say that he had a right to due process. But there is no due process involved with sexual harassment in the workplace.

Seriously, documented instances of sexual harassment are grounds for losing your job immediately. Nonpolitical jobs would not put up with such a thing. Luke Simons lost his position because he has no issue being disgusting to women. And his own party is backing that behavior by trying to oust people who do not tolerate sexual harassment.

How do you feel about the petition to remove Representative Dwight Kiefert?

In case you don't remember, here's Simons' "apology" before all the dirty details came to the surface:

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