Late last year, there were rumors that Ed Sheeran, who has penned tracks for One Direction, was working with Justin Bieber on his January-released acoustic album. Apparently, the talented singers are remaining in contact and sharing musical material, as a tweet between the two indicates that Sheeran has heard some new Bieber songs and liked what hit his ears.

What a lucky man that British ginger kid is to have heard some new Bieber music. It's likely not fully-formed songs, but ideas or at least seeds of them.

Bieber asked Sheeran what he thought and he said that he liked the (one) direction.

We wonder if Sheeran will be called on to contribute or collaborate on the 'Believe' follow up and that's why he was sent material, or maybe it was just that his opinion was desired or solicited! We could have the makings of a 'Shieber' collabo, folks. Try not to squeal too loudly. Sheeran's work with 1D -- namely 'Little Things -- is golden.

Either way, this has us salivating and we're glad Le Biebs continues to work on new music when he's not, you know, spitting on people.

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