Fifteen years ago, Eminem entered the rap scene with his debut album, The Slim Shady LP, and proved that he was no one-hit wonder. After the success of his first major project, he launched his label Shady Records alongside his manager Paul Rosenberg.

To celebrate the success of the lauded label, which has helped launch the careers of artists like 50 Cent, the Detroit rapper teamed up with Complex magazine to release the documentary Not Afraid, which details Em's rise to fame and the start of his record company.

50, Dr. Dre, Em and Rosenberg are just some of the people who share stories while photos and past performances are interspersed throughout commentary.

In one part, the "Recovery" creator talks about how important it was for him to put his friends on once he made it. "I had a pact with D12," the MC said. "The first one who makes it goes back and gets the rest of us. After the success of the first album, I saw it more of an opportunity to get my group signed, and Paul saw it more of an opportunity to be able to have our own label."

Royce Da 5'9" echoed that statement and added that Mr. Mathers probably wouldn't have started Shady Records if not for his longtime manager. "Em, he's so humble, and sometimes he doesn't realize his capabilities," stated the Slaughterhouse member. "Putting his own label together and putting that out that way. I feel like it was a thing that Paul put in front of him like, 'Yo, this is something we should do, and you could do this.' And he slam dunked it."

In addition, Dre talks about the first time he heard Eminem at Jimmy Iovine's house, and later on 50 talks about when the "Stan" rapper first expressed his interest in working with him.

Watch Eminem and his team reflect on the success of Shady Records above.

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