Rapper Eminem portrays an action hero in his cinematic video for “Phenomenal,” which premiered exclusively on Apple Music. The action-packed 7-minute clip features the Detroit rapper kicking baddie butt in Tokyo.

The video starts off with Em waking up in the hospital and having superhuman strength. After battling with police in the hospital, the rapper sets off on a mission to find out his true identity.

There are car chases and explosions throughout the visual as well. In a brief moment, Em has a chat with John Malkovich before he moves on to kick more baddie butt. The “Lose Yourself” rhymer even jumps out of a helicopter.

“Phenomenal” is the kick-off single from the Southpaw soundtrack, which hits stores on July 24. You can purchase the video at Apple Music.

Check out Eminem in action mode above.

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