After a eight season run on HBO, 'Entourage' is coming back... but this time on the big screen. We knew there was a finished script, but today Warner Brothers has given the project the green light.

This comes from Deadline, who mention that deals are being put in place for the ensemble (including Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven) right now, and that series creator and screenwriter Doug Ellin will be the film's director. Likely everyone will come back as none of the primary leads have netted any great gigs in the interim. In fact, the busiest of the bunch have been Jerry ("Turtle") Ferrara who was in 2012's 'Think Like a Man' and 'Battleship,' and Rex ("Lloyd") Lee, who has a role on 'Suburgatory.'

Though it might be hard to see what the appeal of the show would be on the big screen as it was on HBO and featured tons of gratuitous nudity and swearing, the model is obviously the success Warner Brothers had with 'Sex and the City.' That show was brought to the big screen in 2008 and made an impressive $150 million domestically and over $400 million worldwide. And if this is a success, it follows that they may try for a second film (though 'Sex and the City 2' only made $95 Million domestically and less than $300 million worldwide). Regardless, Vinnie Chase is back, that much is sure.