In today's technologically advanced world, communication is easier than ever. Almost everyone carries a cell phone; if someone needs to reach you, they just find your name in their contact list and tap "call."

But sometimes, you would rather not be reached for one reason or another; other times, there's someone else in your network more qualified or available to take the call. That's where Booth comes in.   

Booth, dreamed up by Fargo's own Josh Christy and his software development company Codelation, is a service that allows users to create a personalized set of rules that dictate where a call is directed, based on specific criteria.

With this platform, you get to decide to which phone a particular call will go, and at what times, with limitless options.

For example, if you want to limit after-hours business correspondence, you can have those calls routed to a pre-recorded message. If you want Client X to reach Agent Y during daytime hours and Agent Z overnight, you can program Booth to do just that. There will no longer be the need to remember to forward calls here or there when you leave the office.

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The rules can be chained together to create a specific routing system. For example, a call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. could be routed to the office phone, unless the user is away from the building.


Brian Pattison, Codelation’s lead developer, said Booth could help people recapture that era when they couldn’t be reached if they were away from their landline, and when people respected dinner hour by not calling.

Codelation is currently in the process of finding beta testers for Booth. It is expected to have a base rate of around $9.95 per number with a per-minute rate applied.