A new liquid natural gas (LNG) plant, the first in North Dakota, has opened in Tioga on the Bakken.

The plant will be significantly beneficial to North Dakota's environment, collecting gas emitted from oil wells and turning it in to liquid natural gas.

LNG has multiple uses that include fueling motorized vehicles and drying grains.

According to Paul Burns, COO of North Dakota LNG, liquid natural gas is more friendly to the earth and safer to transport; natural gas, in liquid form, is not flammable, and the substance will simply evaporate if spilled.

With phase 1 of the LNG plant producing 10,000 gallons of the cleaner-burning substance per day, and phase 2 expected to produce up to 83,000 gallons per day beginning next spring, Burns and NDLNG hope to convert users of propane and diesel fuels to LNG, reducing the area's carbon footprint.