English singer Foxes is a newly-minted Grammy winner for Best Dance Recording for 'Clarity,' her collabo with Zedd. But she almost missed accepting the award (Jan. 26) because she was off-site having a burger with EDM duo Disclosure.

Foxes, who has the best eyelashes ever (which are reminiscent of "twiggies," the bottom lashes of mod-era fashion icon Twiggy) was not blithe or indifferent about nominated, so much so that she didn't hang around. It wasn't that she was insanely hungry, either.

She just thought she budgeted enough time to hang out away from the Staples Center. Plus, she didn't think she was going to win, so she noshed. If anything, she was being overly modest.

"The ceremony goes on forever so we [Disclosure, Sam Smith and I] decided to go to a burger joint for food and beers," Foxes, whose real name is Louisa Rose Allen, said. "We're all just chilling, and I got a panicked call from my manager, who was like, 'Lou, where are you! Your category's coming up in two!'"


She rushed back and almost didn't believe it when she heard her name announced as the winner. "There was no way on earth I thought I was going to win," Foxes said. "I wasn't even really paying attention when it was read out, I thought I was hearing things."

Aw! She is way too humble. And now she's a Grammy winner.