I guess you learn something new everyday.  According to an article in Newsweek, this months full moon has a name, a "strawberry moon."  C'mon, for real?  Will it be red or pink?  Not likely, it might be just plain old yellow or white looking.  The color depends on the way light is scattered through the Earth's atmosphere.  It's more likely to appear red or pink in higher latitudes of Europe.  Well, high aspirations, low expectations I guess.  I'm hoping for a "pink" moon.

So, where did this name come from?  It's a name that is thought to have originated from Native Americans and signifies the full moon in June.  The name has been used by the Algonquin, Dakota, Ojibwe, Lakota and others, to mark the ripening of the strawberries and other fruits ready for gathering.

According to NASA, this years strawberry moon will reach its peak illumination at 1:40 pm Bismarck time, but you'll have a hard time seeing it until it rises above the horizon later on in the day.  Your best bet would be towards sunset which will be around 9:41 pm local time.

For anybody who misses the "strawberry moon", you will have a couple more days to observe it, as the full moon period lasts for a few days.

Why am I craving "strawberry wine" all of a sudden?  Sounds like a good idea, sit on the deck with bottle of Boones Farm and kick it old school.  Throw in some Deana Carter too.  Watch the strawberry moon with strawberry wine?  Sure seem like a plan to me.


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