When you think of funnel cakes, you think of the summer months of carnivals and state fairs. Now you don't have to wait, Funnel Cake Fries are back at your local Burger King.

Forget the about the bitter cold days of North Dakota's winter months. Funnel Cake Fries are back and they're delicious!

As of Thursday (January 24th), Burger King is now serving the delicious treat in french fry form covered in powdered sugar as hot and crispy as you can imagine.

According to the food publication Delish, an order of Funnel Cake Fries comes with nine of them for $1.99. The Funnel Cake Fries are only at Burger King for a limited time. The menu item is making its return for the first time since 2010. For all we know, there could be a few more elections before they're back again so order them while you can.

Burger King locations in Bismarck-Mandan are located at:

  • 315 S. 3rd Street, Bismarck
  • 3102 Yorktown Dr., Bismarck
  • 1400 E. Main Street, Bismarck


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